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Married life or love of a person is controlled by Venus. This stone strengthens the Venus and brings in passion, understanding, romance and satisfaction in one’s relationship…



Married life or love of a person is controlled by Venus. This stone strengthens the Venus and brings in passion, understanding, romance and satisfaction in one’s relationship.  White Zircon greatly benefits those with Taurus and Libra Moon Signs. Zircon is highly recommended for people who want peace in their married life or love affair. People wearing Zircon have an artistic or a glamorous profession like acting, singing, music, dance etc. Medically this stone protects from hormonal imbalance related ailments. It is also believed that this stone benefits the urinary and reproductive system.Hindu poets tell of the Kalpavriksha Tree, the tree of miracles capable of granting all wishes, which was a lustrous, resplendent tree covered with gemstones as fruits with leaves of zircon.

White Zircon is the Astrology Gemstone of Venus and is used as an Upratna to Diamond. Also Blue zircon
One of the best astrological benefits of white zircon is that it protects the wearer from harmful energies released by the weak planets in their horoscope. It helps in removing negative energies and boosts positivity.

Colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Pink, Purple and Grey.

Benefits :-

  1. It is the substitute Gemstone for Venus and used instead of a Diamond or White Sapphire. Since it represents the planet of Beauty and Luxury- Venus it is a good gemstone for getting financial luck and wealth.
  2. It has a positive impact on the beauty of the body. The person wearing a White Zircon rings gets the Venusian Powers of attraction.
  3. It has found to be useful in managing Diabetes and ailments of the reproductive system.
  4. White Zircon brings in happiness, harmony and love in an interpersonal relationship. It is a very good crystal for marital life.
  5. It is a lucky gemstone for those involved in creative careers and entertainment such as music, acting, public relations, event management, artists and writers. It makes it wearer attractive and popular.
  6. This gem is great for maintaining an overall good health of the wearer. It cures fever, epilepsy, insanity, abdominal problems, and issues with the reproductive system.It also provides great relief in respiratory tract problems and muscle troubles.
  7. By bringing a physical, emotional and spiritual balance in the body, it treats a person holistically.This beautiful gem also helps in bringing harmony and in bringing peace as well as purity to the heart.
  8. White zircon is a great gemstone for those who are engaged in creative careers like writing, art, entertainment, public relations, etc.Wearing this helps a person gain more confidence and acceptance.

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