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In Feng Shui Lotus represents symbol of beauty, attraction and love. A perfect placement for bedroom of couples.
In Feng Shui Lotus also signifies beauty and calmness so place it in your living rooms for a peaceful, loving and harmonious relationships between the family.
The lotus is made from glass crystal which acts as a prism. Place near a window to attract positive energy and Chin in your house.
In Feng Shui, the Crystal Lotus is a very useful item to emit positive energy and refresh family bonds. Because the Crystal is of the Earth element, it is a representation of the blessing of Mother Earth. It will cleanse the environment, providing family members with a calm mentality and enabling them to attain their aspirations in life. However, one should remember to always refresh the Crystal Lotus when its energy is depleted; this can be done by placing it on a transparent table with lights beneath it – this is a depiction of the Fire element of the lights reenergizing the Earth element of the crystal