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13 mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Indra and Lord Kamadeva Rudraksha and controls the planet Venus. The God of love Lord Kuber not only gives the wearer immense strength and vigour but also fulfills all wordly desires of the devotee. This Rudraksha gives immense attraction, high confidence levels, strong determination, extra strong will power and blesses him with immense success. He/she excell and succed in most toughest endeavors and challanges which other competitors does not venture into and emerge out to be victorious. 13 Mukhi Lord Indra Rudraksha gives wonderful life partner who can provide all types of pleasures like a Devata or Devi. The wearer’s life becomes like the life at Heaven and grats utmost satisfaction in all fronts. This Rudraksha bestows progeny and blesses the wearer with virtuous son. He/she gerts riches, honor, dignity, respect, accomplishments and fulfills all the earthly and materialistic desires. This 13 Mukhi Kamdev Rudraksha gives hypnotic power of attraction (Vashikaran) to the wearer which makes the wearer to get life partner expeditously and also helps in getting praises from all levels and the wearer rises to the topmost position in any field. Apart from this this rudraksha is extremely helpful in doing meditation, anstral travel, cosmic,spiritual and transendence attainments.

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