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12 Mukhi Rudraksha ruled by Sun and the wearer is blessed with the quality of sun to rule and move with radiance and strength. Wearer is freed from fear of fire and diseases. Gives wealth and happiness. Wearer never gets poverty. Removes sins committed by killing animals. Dispels fear of armed men, horned animals, lion. Wearer never suffers from mental/physical pain. Makes fearless and trouble free. Has power to cure several diseases. Gives leadership quality, power to control over people. Gives inner strength to rule like sun. Removes all doubts of mind and makes happy from within. Believed to remove all types of problems. Used for vastu problem(directional issues) and black magic.

Wearer never suffers from mental or physical pain. Gives inner strength to rule like sun and shine. Used for vastu problem(directional issues) and black magic and meditation.

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the Details of the right way for wearing Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha and its specific mantra to you is also sent by the expert Astrologers of ‘’ to you along with your Twelve (12) faces Rudraksha.
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